Getting started with ZionCare

ZionCare is a platform that collects medical-grade data for sleep health monitoring, and it includes a wearable pulse oximeter, an app on your phone and a web-portal for clinicians to monitor your data remotely. In here, we will show your everything to get up and running from wear the device correctly, to installs, to sign-in, and to your first sleeping report.

Quick Guide to using ZionCare

Time mode

Watch03B - MtM+ Technology

After power on, press the upper right button to switch to measurement mode.

Measurement mode

Watch08 - MtM+ Technology

When measuring, try to keep the wearable device level with the forearm and still.
Under normal conditions:
SpO2 should be between 95%~100%.
Heart rate should be between 60~100 times.
Breathing rate should be between 12~16 breaths.