The simple, remote, and affordable sleep apnea monitoring platform.

By using ZionCare platform, you can sleep in your own bed comfortably for multi-night evaluation and wake up with lab-quality test results capturing internight variability.

What is ZionCare?

ZionCare is a platform that collects medical-grade patient data for sleep apnea monitoring. It allows clinicians to deliver a higher quality of care to more patients and avoid unnecessary in-person visits for patients. It is recommended by leading somnologists, sleep specialists, and clinicians and used by people worldwide for accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2) recordings.

ZionCare Wearable

Wearable pulse oximeter

It is designed for continuous blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and respiratory rate monitoring at your wrist without a traditional fingertip probe.

  • Oxygen Saturation: 70~100%, +/- 3%
  • Pulse Rate: 40~240 bpm, +/- 3 bpm
  • Respiratory Rate: 4~40 rpm, +/- 1 rpm
  • FDA-cleared in TW, US and AUS
  • CE Mark Certified
ZionCare Web Portal

ZionCare Web Portal

It is a HIPAA compliant web-based portal that gives clinicians access to monitor their patients’ oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and respiration rate remotely anytime, anywhere. The continuous monitoring of big data helps to support clinical decision making.

ZionCare App

ZionCare App

It is a user-friendly app that turns complex sleep apnea test results into visual and easily understood data for self-check.


How it works?

Pick-up the wearable

You can pick up one wearable in our partner clinics, local stores, or distributors. Or leave us a message, and we will contact you for personal arrangements.

Sleep as usual

Download ZionCare App and complete registration. Sleep at your own bed as usual with the wearable on.

Quick analysis & treatment

You can check your sleeping data on ZionCare App after sync-up. Your doctor can review it on ZionCare web-portal and recommend treatment options.


You can continue to monitor your sleeping data using our ZionCare platform and discuss with your doctor on your treatment progress for continuous improvement.

ZionCare App - Manage Your Sleep Health

Access Your Sleep Analysis Records

The sleep analysis records include oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and respiratory rate data during your sleep and these data are used to calculate key indexes like ODI (Oxygen Desaturation Index), T88 (percentage of cumulative time during sleep with oximetry below 88) to detect sleep apnea.

Multi-night data tracking

Various trend charts will help you to track your conditions, symptoms, and treatment progress capturing internight variability.

Save or share your metrics

Send your professional report (in pdf) to your doctor, sleeping specialists, or your family members to keep them informed on your sleeping condition.

zion app 2
zion app trend

ZionCare App Features

Zion app

Unlimited real-time SpO2 , PR, RR data

Measure and check your SpO2, pulse rate and respiratory rate instantly by putting oCare Pro 100 on your wrist.

zion app

SpO2, PR, RR measurement records

Record your SpO2, pulse rate and respiratory rate (up to 5 records) in different moments of the day.

Sleep Analysis record on your phone

SpO2, pulse rate and respiratory rate are recorded during your sleep and are used to calculate key indexes like ODI, T88 to detect sleep apnea.

zion app

Professional reports in pdf for sharing

Get a daily summary report of your sleeping data to share with your family, friends and clinicians.

zion app

Trend charts to track multi-night data

Tracking multi-night sleeping data will help you to capture internight variability.

zion app

Access all your record history on your phone

Allow you to access all your sleeping analysis history on your phone so you never lose your sleeping data.

ZionCare Web Portal - Remote Patient Monitoring

Manage Users

Easily accessible to manage patients and check their health anytime to support clinical decision-making.

Check and Export Data

Present data in a simple, intuitive format and raw data can be exported as CSV files for further analysis.

Interprete Data

Working with professors and doctors to offer data analysis services and health alerts. (under development)

Zion web portal

HIPAA compliant web-based portal for secure data review

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