About Us

Welcome to MtM+ Technology
With the emergence of wearable, apps, virtual services, and AI technology in the healthtech space, we believe it can lead to big strides in the accuracy, intelligence, and convenience of self-care and preventative health solutions. We are committed to providing such a digital healthtech platform enabling individuals to take ownership of their own health instead of relying completely on our healthcare system.
Our Mission
To be the healthtech platforms provider that empowers people with accurate and intelligent information to take greater control of their own health.
What We Do
We’re committed to providing modern solutions to monitor or improve your health with seamless and immersive digital experiences.
Who we are
We’re a team of innovators who are passionate about creating world-class healthtech solutions. We care about medical-grade level accuracy, user experience (UX), and intelligent data.

Medical-grade Accuracy

We use wearable hardware devices which are cleared by the FDA and meet all necessary regional certifications.

Great UX

We believe user experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects in our app and web-based portal.

Intelligent Data

We use highly visual and easily understood data analysis for patients to monitor their health status and for clinicians to make vital decisions.

Our partners:

We appreciate partnership and will continue to engage with more hospital, clinics, distributors, local stores, and hardware suppliers.
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