Sleep questionnaire

STOP BANG睡眠呼吸中止症自我評估表

STOP BANG Sleep Apnea Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The STOP BANG Self-Assessment Questionnaire consists of eight questions related to the clinical symptoms of sleep apnea. "STOP" refers to the four common symptoms of sleep apnea, while "BANG" refers to the four physical characteristics of high-risk patients. This questionnaire has been widely recognized by the public and is often used in various institutions.


ESS Sleepiness Assessment Questionnaire

The ESS is an 8-question self-administered questionnaire that asks respondents to rate how often they typically doze off or fall asleep while engaging in 8 different activities on a 4-point scale, with higher scores indicating that you are The higher the average sleep propensity.



失眠嚴重程度評估問卷是一份包含 7 個問題的自填問卷,要求受訪者以 4 分制對他們的睡眠狀況進行評分,得分越高,表明您在的失眠傾向越高。