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Using innovative technology to empower people to take control of their sleep health and find the balance, serenity and vitality they deserved. By equipping people with wisdom and tools, we believe we can help everyone build long-lasting, fully optimized sleep.

What is ZionCare?

ZionCare is a sleep technology platform implemented through wearable detection devices, apps, cloud database, behavioral science and artificial intelligence technology. It currently provides multi-night home sleep testing services, which can not only reflect the real situation of users, but also reduce waiting time, unnecessary outpatient clinics and medical service resources. Users can easily grasp their actual sleep status, so as to gain a deep understanding of sleep disorders, and take appropriate measures to improve them to achieve the ultimate goal of self-care and preventive medicine.

ZionCare App

This is a user-centric app that transforms complex sleep test reports into an intuitive user interface and visual charts for self-examination. Browse in-depth analyzes of sleep data and sleep knowledge resources in just a few clicks.

Wearable Device

You can put on the wearable device to record every second of sleep data when you sleep at night, and then sync the data through the ZionCare App the next day to get a detailed sleep report and personalized improvement suggestions.

ZionCare Web Portal

It is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant remote detection management website, allowing sleep experts or medical staff to remotely analyze the user's sleep data anytime, anywhere. Collecting sleep big data can help to establish a health risk prediction model and help optimize sleep improvement programs to achieve preventive medicine.

How does the multi-night home sleep testing service work?


1. Pick up the wearable device

You can go to our partner clinics, stores, or dealers to pick up a wearable device, or click the "Start Now" button below to participate in the sleep health monitoring program.


2. Sleep as usual

Download the ZionCare App and complete registration. Wear the wearable and sleep in your own bed as usual.


3. Rapid analysis and improvement

After syncing, you can view your sleep data on the ZionCare App. Your chosen doctor or sleep specialist can also review multiple nights of data and recommend improvements on the ZionCare Admin website.


4. Follow up improvement progress

You can continue to collect your sleep data using our ZionCare platform and discuss your progress with your doctor or sleep specialist to continuously improve your sleep health journey.

ZionCare App

Access your sleep data

Collects second-by-second data on body movements, blood oxygen concentration, pulse rate, and respiration rate during sleep. These data are used to calculate key indicators such as ODI (blood oxygen concentration drop index), T88 (cumulative time percentage during sleep with blood oxygen concentration below 88%) to detect sleep disorders.

Multi-night data tracking

The laboratory-level test results for many nights in a row make sleep disorders invisible.

Highly visual

The intuitive user interface and visual diagrams provide users with a seamless and efficient experience. Browse in-depth analysis of your sleep data in just a few clicks.

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ZionCare App Features

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ZionCare App Sleep Health Report

  1. The basic information that the user fills in when registering an account.
  2. The data and analysis covered in this sleep health report, and in order to conform to the sleeping habits of the general public, we have changed the day at 12:00 noon to distinguish the daily sleep health report.
    • If the sleep time is earlier than 12:00 noon, it will be regarded as the sleep record of the previous day, otherwise it will be the sleep record of the day.
    • When there are multiple sleep records on the same day and the interval exceeds 1 hour, the data with the longest sleep time will be automatically screened as the main sleep record of the day.
    • If the interval between multiple sleep records is less than 1 hour, ZionCare's algorithm will treat it as continuous sleep and combine the sleep records for analysis.
    • In order to improve the accuracy of sleep data analysis, the minimum analysis time required for data reported by daily sleep records is 2 hours. Sleep less than 2 hours will be regarded as invalid data and will not be counted.
    • The ZionCare wearable device will judge whether to enter a sleep state based on your activity intensity and heart rate. Some behaviors during sleep, such as getting up, dreaming, muscle twitching, etc., may be reflected in the sleep data. ZionCare's multi-night home sleep The detection scheme can provide you with professional report interpretation.
  3. You can participate in ZionCare's multi-night home sleep detection program for multi-day observation, and then increase the sample to confirm the actual sleep rating.
  4. ODI 3% is the number of times the blood oxygen concentration drops by 3% per hour, and it is also the number of times breathing disorders occur per hour. It is one of the important indicators for judging sleep status. Some institutions also use 4% for judgment.
  5. SpO2 is blood oxygen saturation or blood oxygen concentration. Under normal conditions, the body needs to maintain a certain level in order to effectively perform physical functions. Less than 88% is an indicator to judge whether you are in hypoxia. This data can show your hypoxia during sleep. Time percentage, some institutions will also use indicators such as 89% and 90% to judge.
  6. This area is the total sleep time. ZionCare will determine the time to start and end sleep through the data, and the sleep latency is the length of time from fully awake to sleep.
  7. This area is the time when your ZionCare wearable was activated, which can be understood as the timestamp of when the recording started and ended, and the sleep efficiency is the ratio between the time you fell asleep and the total time spent sleeping.
  8. This section is a visual diagram of the blood oxygen concentration, pulse rate and respiratory rate during this sleep. You can quickly understand the minimum, maximum and average values from the corresponding pictures.

ZionCare Web Portal

Easily accessible to manage patients and check their health anytime to support clinical decision-making.

Present data in a simple, intuitive format and raw data can be exported as CSV files for further analysis.

Develop values for sleep health risk assessment through data processing, AI modeling, machine learning, and deep learning.

ZionCare Web Portal

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant remote detection management website