ZionCare User Guide

This user guide contains all essential information for the user to make full use of the ZionCare platform. It includes a description on how to use the wearable device, and step-by-step procedures for App installation, account creation, device connection, and data synchronization.
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How to use the wearable device?

Device wear

Adjust the band at a suitable length.

Don't let the device edge over or cover the wrist bone.

Clasp the folding buckle. Please note that the device needs to wear snugly against the skin and won't move back and forth when you swing your arm.

Press reeds at the side of folding buckle and pull up. Then, the device can be removed.

Device operation

Long press the button at the bottom right of the wearable device to turn it on, please pay attention to whether the battery is sufficient.

After power on, the button on the lower right side of the wearable device can switch to the menu and select menu items.

After powering on, the button on the upper right side of the wearable device can switch the screen of time and detection mode, and can also switch options in the menu.

How to install the ZionCare application?

Install the application

Apple users:

Go to the App Store and search for the ZionCare App to download and install.


Android users:

Go to Google Play and search for ZionCare App to download and install.

Enable bluetooth transfer permission

After the installation is complete, the ZionCare app needs to turn on the Bluetooth transfer permission to upload the wearable device data to the app.

Create an account

If you don't have an account, you can sign up by clicking Create Account after entering the app .

Fill in the account information

When registering an account, you need to fill in basic data such as gender and birthday.

Sign in

If you have already registered an account, you can go back to the login screen to log in.

How to connect the wearable device to the application?

Device pairing

Turn on the wearable device and the app, and confirm that the Bluetooth function is turned on, and the device can be automatically connected via Bluetooth. The first pairing requires a 6-digit verification code, which will be displayed on the screen of the wearable device. , enter and click to match.


  • How to use the wearable device?
  • The wearable device cannot be connected.

Device connection

If the connection is successful, you can see that the bluetooth symbol on the upper left of the wearable device turns into a double arrow symbol, and the wearable device icon on the upper right of the app will also switch to blue. If only the bluetooth symbol is displayed, it means that the wearable device has turned on the bluetooth. function, but not connected to the app, just open the app and keep it connected.


  • How to use the wearable device?
  • The wearable device cannot be connected.

How to record sleep and get reports?

Record data

You can start recording data through the menu of the wearable device, or through the start recording button on the home page of the application. If you enable it through the application, please make sure that the wearable device is connected.


  • How to use the wearable device?
  • The wearable device cannot be connected.

Synchronous data

After data collection is complete, you can go to the homepage of the app and click the sync data button to upload. At the same time, the wearable device will display the uploading icon. Please do not interrupt the operation at this time, and please keep the connection during the operation.


  • How to use the wearable device?
  • Sync data waiting too long.

Start sync

Click the Start button on the screen.

Let stand for 5-10 minutes to upload data.

This screen will appear when complete.

Sleep report

After the upload is complete, you can go to sleep and click the dark round button to view the sleep report of the day.

Detailed data

Through the data switch above, in addition to the overview information, you can also browse according to the blood oxygen concentration, pulse and respiratory rate respectively. The share button on the upper right can also share the report with others.

Sleep trends

When enough sleep data is collected, you can go to Trends to view changes over time.

Set measurement

First, check the connection status of the wearable device.

And switch the wearable device to measurement mode.

Record measurements

When the connection is ready, click the record measurement button to measure and record to the app in real time.

Fill out the questionnaire

If you want to provide the doctor with more accurate sleep status, you can go to the Home and click to fill in the questionnaire .


Since sleep habits are often easy to change according to time, it is recommended to fill in the latest information once a month.


The app cannot connect to the wearable device.

  • Please retry the connection according to the following steps:
  1. Close the application completely (including background operation).
  2. Restart the wearable device.
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings to find the wearable device name and remove it.
  4. Follow the instructions to reconnect and pair.
  • Manual bluetooth connection

Apple users:

Go to Settings > Bluetooth to find the item named oCare100_MBT, click to connect.


Android users:

First go to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection > Bluetooth > Preferences to find the item named oCare100_MBT , click to connect

Sync data waiting too long.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 3-5 minutes to upload sleep data of 6-8 hours. If you do not upload sleep data every day, it will be accumulated and uploaded in the next synchronization, resulting in uploading. The time is longer, so it is recommended to upload daily to reduce the waiting time, and after uploading the data, the data in the wearable device will be automatically deleted to ensure that the capacity is sufficient for continued access.

If the white upload status below the app is stuck for a long time, please completely close the wearable device and the app (including background operation), then restart the app and sync again.

No data after sync.

  • 穿戴裝置並未開啟記錄模式:
  • 睡眠數據少於2小時:
    若睡眠時間低於2小時,則無法計算出可供參考的ODI 3%指數,因無法於應用程式睡眠功能顯示分析報告資料。

After logging in, it shows that there is no network.

To use this app, you need to maintain an internet connection, especially to synchronize data and get sleep reports. If there is no internet connection, you will not be able to retrieve your data from the database. You can also connect via WiFi if you have no internet access.

Can't start sleep log from app.

Please restart the wearable device, and check the wearable device serial number (ver: X.XXX) after turning it on. If your version is lower than 5.202, you cannot start the sleep record through the app, please contact customer service to update it for you.