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Multi-night Home Sleep Testing

The ZionCare sleep technology platform currently provides multi-night home sleep test services, which can reflect the actual situation of users and reduce waiting time, unnecessary outpatient clinics, and medical service resources. Users can quickly grasp their actual sleep status, so as to gain a deep understanding of sleep disorders, and take appropriate measures to improve them to achieve the ultimate goal of self-care and preventive medicine.
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Packages and Pricing

3 Days Home Sleep Test Package

$ 1999
  • Use the app for sleep questionnaires and diary recording
  • Get a qualified wearable device for testing
  • 3 consecutive days of sleep testing at home
  • Produce a professional sleep report every night
  • Include a 15-minute online report content explanation and analysis.

For people who have done sleep tests before but want to continue to track their sleep health.

5 Days Home Sleep Test Package

$ 2800
  • Use the app for sleep questionnaires and diary recording
  • Get a qualified wearable device for testing
  • 5 consecutive days of sleep testing at home
  • Produce a professional sleep report every night
  • Include a 30-minute online report content explanation and analysis.

For people who have sleeping issues and have never done a sleep test before.

Do you feel more tired after sleeping longer than usual?

Always wake up in the early morning
Sleeping till noon and still feel tired
Worried about work and can't fall asleep

The most simple and easiest home sleep test service!

  1. After placing the order, ZionCare will send the wearable device to you according to the billing address.
  2. Wear a wearable that connects to the ZionCare platform every night
  3. One-click upload of sleep data every other day to get a quantitative report immediately.
  4. If you want to know more details, you can also share the report with a single key to the sleep doctor for diagnosis.
  5. Send back the wearable device after five days or continue to renew the detection plan

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Rental policy

The following terms of the lease agreement apply to the rental user (hereinafter referred to as "User") and Samoa Frontier Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch (hereinafter referred to as "MtM+") that provides rental services.

Before you start renting a wearable device, please read the following terms carefully. Then use the lease to confirm that you have agreed to all the details in the terms of the lease. If you do not agree with the terms of this rental agreement, please do not check the box or proceed with the booking. The Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this Lease Agreement at any time, and any modification will apply to any Rental Services after the effective date of such modification.

  • Personal Data Protection Guidelines

Under the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", the company will comply with the responsibilities and requirements of the Ordinance, and properly process and manage the applicant's personal data.

  • Application and contract formation
  1. After the applicant fills out the application form prescribed by the company, he/she directly submits the application to the company (for online applicants, after the online application materials are sent, an email reply will be sent instead).
  2. The applicant completes the application in accordance with the procedures stipulated by the company, and the contract will only be established after the company approves the application and pays the full amount payable to confirm the order.
  3. If the company is unable to provide services in accordance with the contract due to insufficient inventory or other matters, the company shall return all the rent collected to the applicant, but will not make additional compensation.
  • Delivery of Wearable Devices
  1. Users must follow the method specified on the application form to deliver the wearable device. If the company cannot deliver as required, it must contact the applicant to make arrangements.
  2. If the user does not provide the specified delivery method and fails to contact, the company will regard the order as invalid.
  3. After the user finishes using the wearable device, the user should return the wearable device to the company according to the method and within the time limit filled in the application form.
  • Lease period
  1. The rental fee is calculated from the date of loan to the date of return. In principle, the rental period is 6 days. If the applicant needs to rent for more than 6 days, it must be negotiated and agreed separately.
  2. If the wearable device encounters any problems or cannot be used for any reason during the rental period, the user should immediately call the service hotline or notify the company by email. If the user fails to notify the company during the rental period, the company has the right not to make any fee adjustments.
  • Ownership of the device

By using this service, you have agreed and acknowledged that the wearable device you rent is only used for health detection purposes, and you will not acquire any other rights. The Company retains title to all equipment, including all accessories.

  • Disclaimer
  1. If the applicant fails to contact the company within the period of use if there is any obstacle in the use of the wearable device, the company will not be responsible, and the applicant should still pay the usage fee.
  2. If the user suffers from an accident or damage caused by the use of the wearable device, or for any other reason, the company will not be liable to the user.
  3. If the user misuses, accidentally uses or misplaces and causes a short circuit or fire, resulting in any casualties and losses, the company will not be responsible for any costs and expenses.
  • Management, loss, damage and theft of wearable devices.
  1. Users should follow the usage method specified by the company, and use and manage the company's wearable devices with the heart and responsibility of a good manager.
  2. Users should notify the company immediately when the wearable device is lost, damaged or stolen.
  3. If the wearable device is damaged or damaged by any human beings, the user shall compensate MtM+ for the corresponding expenses. Compensation amount for the wearable device (NTD) • oCare Pro100 $16,8000.
  4. If the wearable device is returned late, the user shall compensate MtM+ for the corresponding fee

Delayed return

Each day of delay will be paid at the regular price of $600 per day.

The above fines are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Prohibited matters
  1. Users are not allowed to install other machinery or accessories on the wearable device, and shall not disassemble, destroy, or change the settings of the company's wearable device, which will cause the device to malfunction or have other changes.
  2. Users are not allowed to sublease, transfer and mortgage wearable devices to third parties.
  3. Users are not allowed to use the company's wearable devices for any illegal or illegal activities.
  • Miscellaneous

The company reserves the right to terminate the rental service, and the company has the right to decide when to modify the terms of this lease.


The wearable device is lightweight, convenient and easy to operate, allowing users to receive testing at home. Multiple nights of sleep detection data allows users to have more information to understand their own sleep problems, and avoid misjudgment or failure to display problems due to less detection data, such as one night.

Sleep analysis will be affected if the user:

  1. Are using oxygen therapy or non-invasive positive pressure respirators.
  2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neuromuscular disease, periodic limb tics, or narcolepsy.
  3. Defects in the circulatory system affect oxygen transport capacity.
  4. Significant pigmentation or staining of the skin at the test site, such as tattoos, wounds.
  5. Severe contact sensitivity to "thermoplastic polyurethane" material.

In case of allergic reaction, please take off the wearable device immediately and contact the company.

  1. Avoid eating/drinking caffeinated food or beverage after noon.
  2. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
  3. Avoid daytime naps.
  4. Continue to take your daily prescribed medications unless otherwise directed by your doctor.
  5. If you feel unwell, such as a cold or cold, please choose another test date after you have fully recovered.

In order to reflect the daily breathing situation, you can take sleeping pills as usual.

You don’t need to take off the wearable when you wake up in the middle of the night; when you go back to sleep, the wearable will continue taking measurements for the same night. The wearable device is not taken off until the morning to synchronize data and charge.


In order to effectively assess the severity of sleep disorders and the reliability of the data, the test requires no less than 2 hours of sleep.

The wearable device can be tested for 12 hours when fully charged. Make sure to charge your wearable after each nightly test.

  1. Pulse too weak.
  2. Involuntary body movements often occur after falling asleep.
  3. Sleeping less than the 2 hours needed.

Home multi-night sleep testing is mainly used for screening and assisting in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. After receiving the multi-night sleep test at home, you should decide whether other more in-depth examinations are necessary based on your professional clinical judgment and your own wishes.

Wearable devices use artificial intelligence to perform calculations and analyzes on the user's pulse rate and activity.

Get up during the day to complete the data synchronization, and you can immediately view the sleep data of the previous night in the sleep function of the App. After 5 nights of use, send the wearable device back to our company, and we can arrange for someone to explain the content of the report to you.

If the test is unsuccessful for the first time, the company will review the actual situation, and if deemed appropriate, will extend the date for your home sleep test.

If the wearable device is lost or damaged, you need to pay NT$16,800 to the company for compensation.

Please refer to our company's user guide ZionCare Wearable Device and App User Guide, wear it in the correct position, and adjust to the appropriate tightness.
Before using the wearable device, please read the company's user guide ZionCare Wearable Device and App User Guide. According to past data, the failure rate of detection is less than 5%. If you have any questions, please contact our company for timely assistance.